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Podcast with Purpose


Podcast with Purpose

Podcast with Purpose is the most intentional online training you will find for aspiring podcasters preparing for launch or frustrated podcasters looking to uplevel and find clarity on how to actually transform this rapidly growing medium into a profitable platform.

Launching a successful podcast is more than selecting cool cover art and choosing the right mic.

A podcast is an opportunity to build a relationship with people who believe in your message enough to not only consume your content regularly, but actively share it socially and even invest in your expertise.

If you’ve launched a podcast or are thinking about launching a podcast don’t get so sucked into doing all the busy work that you forget the purpose behind the podcast.

Podcasting takes work.


But building a sustainable platform via a podcast, takes strategic planning and extreme intentionality.

I launched the Redefining Wealth Podcast in 2017 and here’s what’s been accomplished in just two short years:

  • Top 100 on Apple Podcast in Religion + Spirituality genre numerous times
  • Listed by Forbes as one of 15 Most Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals of Every Stripe, PLUS many other credible sites
  • Achieved 250,000 downloads by Year 1
  • Finalist for Podcast of the Year by the Plutus Awards
  • Achieved 1,000,000 downloads by Year 2
  • Thousands of 5-star Reviews Across Multiple Platforms
  • Leveraged the podcast to create six-figures in products and programs I knew my listeners wanted before I even launched

When I attended Podcast Movement in 2017, I had NOTHING!

No cover art, no theme music, no podcast editor. NOTHING.

But I buckled down, got laser focused on what made sense to me (purposeful planning) and didn’t get caught up in microphones and best days of the week to publish. I silenced all of the noise in the marketplace and tapped into what mattered most: the people I wanted to serve and the positioning I wanted to create in the marketplace.

Three weeks later, the Redefining Wealth Podcast went LIVE.

In 2018, I returned to Podcast Movement as a breakout speaker and delivered practical, yet unconventional wisdom to a standing room only session. I shared the exact formula and thought process that led me from ZERO downloads the year before to 250,000 downloads before Year 1!

My peers were blown away by things that I saw as the bare minimum to create a sustainable foundation for any venture with such promise.

But as I plugged along, I realized what had been intuitive to me wasn’t so easy for the average podcaster.

This medium is not for the faint of heart which is why statistics prove that the average podcast never makes it past the 10th Episode!

Well, in 2019, I returned to Podcast Movement as the Opening Keynote speaker in front of thousands of my peers! With nearly 100 episodes and inching towards 1,000,000 downloads, I shared the next level of the intentionality I put behind the Redefining Wealth Podcast and was met with awe, enthusiasm and a flood of “Can you teach me?” messages.

Thus, Podcast with Purpose was born!

And now you can have access to this 90-minute training (plus a LOT of bonus content I couldn’t leave out) which breaks down what you should really be focused on when preparing for a successful podcast.



  • Understand why content is king in the podcasting world and why you must go from merely having a show idea to planning episodes with precision
  • Learn the game-changing way I got around waiting for big podcasting agencies to choose my show and monetized on my own (no middle man!)
  • Get clear about who you want to be and what will help you standout in the crowded marketplace of millions of podcasts
  • Know the importance of community and best practices for managing one 
  • Develop your plan of action for building a thriving brand and business centered around your podcast community
  • Ways to build brand credibility so others will know, like and trust you enough to tell you EXACTLY what they want you to create for them to buy
  • Connect to your true purpose and how that contributes to financial success more than any single thing you’ve learned about business


Lifetime Access to Podcast with Purpose and any updated lessons in the future

The Podcast Purpose Planning Guide so you can dig deep and gain clarity around your unique secret sauce and what will help you stand out in the marketplace

Complimentary PRIVATE Facebook Group to build community, share resources and ask your pressing questions

The Content Library sheet that helped me brainstorm quality episode ideas before I ever cracked the mic (all while competitors in the same niche struggled with what to talk about – hence not making it past 10 episodes)

BONUS #1: Access to the EXCLUSIVE training I did with my very own podcast coach, where he gives up ALL the gems on the tech needed to create a successful podcast

BONUS #2: Video Tutorial of the #1 tool that has helped me plan the podcast since inception (say bye-bye to needing Google or Excel sheets, Dropbox and a half dozen other tools to plan your podcast)

BONUS #3: My Podcast Resource Directory. You’ll get links to my ultimate secret weapons in making the podcast best in class (from my personal editor to planning and marketing tools, this will save you hours so you can create powerful content instead of doing the tedious work I see most newbie podcasters wasting time on)

BONUS #4: Quarterly LIVE Q&A with ME and sometimes a BONUS guest who will help answer your questions and share what’s new in the podcasting space.


This Training is Not for You IF …

  • You’re only looking for the best tech equipment on the market. My belief is that the message is more important than the mic and I only teach from that perspective.
  • You want to learn how to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your podcast. I’m not an ad specialist; I focus on creating an authentic platform that attracts your ideal audience.
  • You’re not looking to cultivate a long-term standing in the marketplace, but more of a quick, overnight hype.
  • You’re not willing to do the work. Like any other platform available to you, it will only work if you’re consistent and committed versus interested. Using my strategy will only support the dedicated.



*Podcast with Purpose provides lifetime access to four 30-minute modules plus digital products to help support learning.
This investment is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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