Let me guess. You have a phenomenal product or service, but not enough people know about it.

You’ve been going to local network events, posting on social media and hoping for the best, but you’re not getting the clicks, views or actual sales you need to keep the business going.

As you know Podcasts are one of the fasting growing mediums for reaching your ideal audience. An audience that’s really listening – not tuning out the noise like they do when radio commercials come on. An audience that wants to learn and grow.

And if they’re anything like my particular audience, they trust their host to introduce them to the best people, products and services.

My ad spaces may be for you IF:

You’re a solopreneur and/or small business owner who needs help amplifying your message and reaching the masses. If you represent a Fortune 500 company, please CLICK HERE.

You represent ethical products or services that align with our mission of supporting purposeful, spirit led, high achieving women in some aspect of our 6 pillars of wealth.

You have a marketing budget in place and understand that an ad buy is one tactic in a marketing plan and cannot be considered your end all be all.

You have a polished and professional website and social media presence, as well as, product packaging and you know you’re ready to be exposed to thousands of qualified buyers.

About Patrice Washington

Patrice uniquely approaches media, digital content and live presentations with authenticity, humor, compassion and enthusiasm. She has become a master at seamlessly weaving messages and themes in with her voice to ensure that the intended audience can connect the dots and be moved to action.

Her own thriving community adores her unconventional approach to life and personal finance via The Redefining Wealth Podcast and Redefining Wealth TV which she launched in 2017 to deepen the conversation around The Six Pillars of Wealth.

Redefining Wealth Insights

Benefits of Advertising with Us:

I read your ad personally.

A podcast is considered a New Release for the first 30 days.

People love binge listening and going back to older episodes. The ad will forever be connected to that
episode. You’ll get new eyes and ears on it every month forever. Gift that keeps giving.

Never more than two ads per episode. Your message won’t get drowned out.

BONUS: We’ll repeat it at the end of the episode so the audience doesn’t forget the call to action.

I’m extremely picky about who or what I put in front of the Purpose Chasers, the engaged women – and few good men – who listen to the Redefining Wealth Podcast week after week.

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