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By scheduling this call with Patrice and her team, I fully understand the following:

  • This is a call to determine what I need to breakthrough to my next level in business and see if Patrice is the coach and Purpose 2 Platform or Command the Stage are the programs to help me get there. This is not a “pick your brain” session or free coaching call because Patrice believes in providing deep transformation – not bandaids.


  • If my enrollment coach genuinely and honestly feels like Patrice can genuinely help me reach my goals AND if we both agree, we’re the right fit for one another, I will be invited to join the best program for where I am. If neither program is a good fit, they will be honest with me because they value my time.


  • Lastly, I understand that the purpose of this call is to help me make a decision about whether Purpose 2 Platform or Command the Stage is what I need next to help me build my brand, grow my business and walk in my purpose profitably. If I find that it is my next best step, I am in position to invest in myself and move forward confidently.

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