I can help you monetize your God given gifts authentically so you can attract business success effortlessly – NOT chase money.


Unlike many personal finance “experts,” I don’t believe that cutting coupons and budgeting diligently is enough to help you master money and live life on your terms. You have to align your gifts with opportunities to earn more and I know how to help you do that.

I’m also not your typical “business coach.”

I can tell you now that my coaching style isn’t necessarily the best fit if you prefer programs that don’t necessarily speak to where you are and give you no access to “the coveted guru” who doesn’t even know your name, what you do, why you do it or why it matters in the world.

I suppose that format has it’s place, but here’s what I know about you, if you’re remotely interested in working with me:

You have a call on your life. There’s a tug in your spirit to do more and you just want to operate in purpose and create personal and financial fulfillment.

You’re actually at a point where the call is getting louder and louder and as much as you’ve tried to delay, you can’t ignore it anymore.

You want to build a business that’s authentic to you. It’s your voice, your truth, your power.

You don’t like gimmicks and tricks. (You hate when people try to lure you in with sleezy sales tactics and you definitely don’t want to invest in learning how to be and feel salesly or slimy.

You’re tired of giving your brilliance in an environment that celebrates what you can do and have done for them, but really doesn’t care equally about your soul’s purpose. So while you’re successful and everyone else thinks you should “just be happy,” you’re not fulfilled and not operating in your purpose is causing you to confuse your priorities at times.

You want to build something powerful with grace and ease and at this point, you’ve come too far and you feel too grown to be grinding something new out without any hint of real results.

You don’t need someone telling you, you can sell $1 widgets to 1 million people and calling that your “formula for success.”

Just because you’re ready for a transition, doesn’t mean you have time or money to waste.

You still want to be productive and purposeful – not busy and scattered.

You have a business but you don’t have the life you desire because inefficient systems in the business suck up all of your time.

You’re not desperate, you just want to do good work.

Did any of that resonate with where you are right now?

Why stumble + struggle through business when you can walk confidently in your purpose?

– Patrice Washington


  • I sat down with Patrice and learned that my ideas had value and worth. We flushed out my books, book tour and more in one day!

    Levi H.
    Levi H.
  • I am so grateful for the day I asked God, "What is next for my life?" and your Instagram ad came across my screen. I didn't know seven months later, I would share my dreams with you and you would help my husband and I bring them to life so powerfully.

    Herdyne M.
    Herdyne M.
  • Patrice walked me through developing new service packages, shifting my mindset from operator to CEO, and challenged me to accept and stand in the power and value I bring to my clients and those I serve. After working with Patrice, I no longer fear saying "NO" to non-ideal clients and I raised my rates, which resulted in more income! If you're on the fence, I encourage you to jump in and work with Patrice.

    Gwendolyn Y.
    Gwendolyn Y.

Purpose 2 Platform

An Exclusive Coaching Experience w/ Patrice Washington

If you’re wondering how I described your life right now, it’s because not only do you sound like me at one point, you are also the type of client I attract into my business over and over again.

I’ve helped men and women who by trade were lawyers, therapists, hair salon owners, health practitioners, authors, small business owners, interior designers, social workers, financial service professionals, corporate executives and more. But they all had one thing in common:

They wanted to live their life’s purpose, be fulfilled day in and day out and still earn damn good money while they were at it.

That’s why I created Purpose 2 Platform, a program for passionpreneurs and purposepreneurs like me. You’re settled, accomplished and successful by many standards so you’re not thirsty for money, you’re just HUNGRY for purpose. And you already know that answering the call will lead to cash if you are willing to show up and do the work.

Personally, I don’t believe in gimmicks and I don’t believe in cute tricks or bait and switch tactics.

I’m 100% straight talk – no chaser, mixed with some laughter and a little love, faith and inspiration because that’s what we ALL need on this journey.


I selectively work with people who know they have an idea, brand or business that can change their lives personally, professionally and financially, but need a transparent coach with a proven track record to help them flush out the details, create a plan and monetize for success.

There’s nothing generic or cookie cutter about my coaching. Everything we build out is based on YOU and what your business needs next in order to WIN!

Why waste time Googling what may work when I can get you to the people that have helped me make it work everyday?

What You Can Achieve When

Product Creation

You’ve been teaching or training directly and indirectly for years, but you struggle with how to create books, audios or trainings people will actually invest in. We can build/tweak your proprietary system and repurpose the content you have now for fast cash.

Brand Building

You’re ready to be recognized as an authority in your space instead of one of many in your crowded industry. You’re ready to join the short-list of sought after high paid speakers, media personalities or coaches. We can create a multifaceted strategy to help take your brand from unknown or local to national and global.

Book Launch Strategy

You’re writing a book and want to make it a best-seller OR you’ve written a book that like most books hasn’t sold and is still a best-kept secret. We can build out a strategy complete with the exact timeline I’ve used to self-publish and traditionally publish three best-selling titles.

Marketing Strategy

You’re talking to everyone on all of your social media channels and “networking” tirelessly, but no one is talking back to you, hiring you or buying from you. We can streamline your messaging so that you’re speaking directly to people who can’t wait to work with you.

Pricing Products & Services

You’re good at what you do, but you know you’re not charging enough to continue exerting the same energy for minimal return. We can add value without adding more hours to your work week.


This is tried, true, tested and tweaked so you
can monetize your purpose sooner, quicker and faster.

*Serious Inquiries Only*

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